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nigerian diabetic diet

Diabetes Mellitus Nigeria a serious disease affecting thousands of People

Diabetes Mellitus Nigeria a Serious Disease Diabetes Mellitus Nigeria is often a serious disease. It might not appear to be as life-threatening as other…
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diabetic diet

Diabetic diet a Lifestyle for a diabetic patient

Diabetic Diet for a healthy living Diabetes can be a chronic condition which can be controlled by a Diabetic Diet or through a…
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sickle cell treatment

Sickle Cell Cure In Nigeria an Autosomal-Recessive Disorder

Sickle Cell Cure In Nigeria an Autosomal recessive disorder Sickle Cell Diagnosis is definitely an autosomal-recessive disorder of the Basic principle of Genetics.…
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Sickle Cell Nigeria

Sickle Cell in Nigeria is becoming a concern in Men and Women

Sickle Cell In Nigeria the Homozygous way of the dishemoglobin Sickle Cell in Nigeria, the homozygous way of the dishemoglobin variant, including fetal…
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